Since my artist-in-residence collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna I came up with a new idea of presenting selected projects that take place at the institute in short clips of ONE minute.


Since mid 2019 I had the chance to meet project leaders from the AIT and after getting involved in their scientific research by project presentations, it was my turn to come up with a creative solution of presenting their major topics in one minute short-clips which then became part of the AIT social-media activities and PR to bring the essence of each project on the point for internals, externals and also to non-science related people. 


Seit meiner Artist-in-Residence-Zusammenarbeit mit dem Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Wien hatte ich die Idee, ausgewählte Projekte, die am Institut entstehen und erforscht werden, in kurzen Clips von genau EINER Minute vorzustellen.


Mitte 2019 hatte ich die Gelegenheit, verschiedene Projektleiter des AIT zu treffen und nachdem ich mich durch Projektpräsentationen in ihre wissenschaftliche Forschung eingebunden war, lag es nun an mir, eine kreative Lösung zu liefern, um ihre Hauptthemen in einminütigen Kurzclips zu präsentieren.

Der so entstandene Content wurde Teil der AIT-Social-Media-Kanäle und der PR, um die Essenz jedes Projekts für Interne, Externe und auch für nicht wissenschaftlich verwandte Personen auf den Punkt zu bringen und unvoreingenommen zu präsentieren.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

COMPACT's goals are to increase awareness, competencies and protection; Promote information sharing and network local administrations

with major EU initiatives.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

Cyber threats are among the growing risks. However, problems of various kinds affect the improvement of the cybersecurity level. AIT helps companies and governments to increase the resilience of their critical networks and IT infrastructures and protect assets.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

The aim of the project KNOWMAK is the development of a web-based, interactive tool for the visualization and analysis of knowledge production and networking.

Idea, R&D by Christopher Noelle

Take Festival 2019 

AV Playground Curator: Eva Bischoff-Herlbauer


The highend mirror foil for the installation was sponsored by Aslan-Schwarz



FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

The product combines the properties of a filter with precisely controllable electric fields. This concept of the smart electrodynamic filter (smartEDF) thus enables the selective disruption of cells in application-adaptive throughput in biological samples, fully automatically, purely physically and with very low electrical requirements. This new generation of PEF application is made possible by the combined approach of Fellow-developed special electrode passivation with a microfluidic approach and smart prototype design.


The specific lysing of blood cells and a filter enrichment of pathogens from several milliliters of blood is regarded as "key enabling technology" for a faster and more specific pathogen characterization, since this eliminates the need for elaborate cultures. There are already expressions of interest in licensing this method if throughput on an industrial scale can be increased. Applications of cell-specific isolation from biological samples, non-denaturing high-throughput cell disruption, and energy-efficient decontamination of liquids further facilitate further diversification in a B2B model.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

Evaluation of potential dangerous spots for motorcyclists based on vehicle dynamics data.


Based on analyzes of accident data and problem areas reported by motorcyclists, the project viaMotorrad selects critical routes in Austria as well as routes frequently used by motorcyclists. These are validated by means of data from test drives with the Motorcycle Probe Vehicle (MoProVe), in order to calculate semi-automatically potential hazards of the used road sections.


The comparison of the actual accident situation (objective data) and the reported problem areas (subjective data) with data from driving dynamics, driving behavior and video analysis (measured with MoProVe) makes it possible to classify the routes according to their hazard potential. The goal of the project viaMotorrad is to identify potential danger areas in advance by means of risk assessment in order to initiate measures to improve motorcycle safety before accidents happen. The project viaMotorrad and its findings and developments lead to a novel innovation in the field of analysis methodology of motorcycle safety.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

The battery is the centrepiece of modern electric drive concepts. Therefore, great efforts are being made worldwide to make this electric energy storage unit as efficient, powerful, cost-effective and safe as possible. Battery research plays a central role for the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.


The scientists are pursuing a holistic research and development approach that improves the key performance indicators of the battery itself while also optimising its integration into the vehicle. The entire development process from material optimisation to battery testing through to system design is covered.


FILM BY Chris Noelle aka TOFA

AIT's City Intelligence Lab is an interactive digital platform to explore new forms and techniques for the urban development practice of the future. As incubator for intelligent solutions the lab forsters the co-creation of digital urban planning workflows and processes, applying augmented reality and interactive design interfaces to create simulations, generative design and artifical intelligence solutions.



Concept, Animation, Film & Sounddesign by Christopher Noelle

Client: AIT Vienna


Michael H. Hlava - Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications - AIT

Silvia Haselhuhn, M.A. - Corporate and Marketing Communications - AIT