In the beginning is speed – “ENTSCHLEUNIGUNG"

With its objective of highlighting interfaces between art, technology and science, ARTTEC has been a fixture of the Alpbach Technology Symposium since 2016. The programme is now presenting an alternating series of thematic, artistic and location-specific interventions, which creatively interpret and visualise this interdisciplinarity, in the foyer of Giefinggasse 4 in Vienna which had its premiere on November the 5th.

My approach of the subject of speed is transformed within the interactive Spiro-Table, a fusion of digital and analogue techniques. With the help of spirography and light painting I've worked on series of illustration and lightpainting photos and realtime-animations since 2015 to create 

moments of acceleration, deviation and self-control as a contrast to the trend towards AI standardization and our constantly faster-moving age.