Since 2015 I’m into research and development of new robotic installations in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Braumann (RIA/ KU Linz).

This project is based on my expertice of various robotic installations which started back in 2015 with the „lightpainting robot“, exhibited at the Creative Robotics exhibition early 2016 at Ars Electronica Center.

During the development of this installation, I came up with the idea of working on a new and complex method to create parametric architecture models based on lightpainting and generated by the human-robotic interaction in combination with AI.

This method is using a crossmedial approach and combines robotics, lightpainting, AI, audio-interaction and 3D software to generate new architecture models.
The idea is quiet simple: using a learning robot to evaluate new parametric designs based on light movement and soundreaction that permanently evolve by a selflearning machine.

This process is so far tested in beta phase and shows the potential of options in the following gallery and video below.