OPART 404 - a series from digital manipulations to 2D prints 

Time repeats the trends and comes up with themes repackaged as "new trends" which we already have had 30 years ago. ​A theme which accompanies my creative influence since the early childhood is based on geometric opart design, pictures like those of Victor Vasarely or blocking hard contrast geometries by Mondrian.

Based on my research and development of 3D generated puristic forms and shapes in combination with line textures and multiple overlay prints in 2D, this series has become an ongoing fineart series that continuously develops and expands.


The emphasis of this work goes far beyond conventional fineart artworks as every piece is subject to a transformation process - from the idea to an analog-digital transformation method, each work affects the next one vis-versa and creates minimalistic beauty in its formal language, which is frozen for prosperity.

The main characteristics of the illustration series come within the development process, as mutiple cycles and working-techniques lead to the final result and include a concious commitment of failure and errors, a forced manipulation of the digital process that gives each artwork its unique touch. 404 stands for the popping-up of "not found" error message, simply related to the clean digital 3D graphics that come out different in the 2D plotting process.