TREES DOWN - an experimental photoseries capturing lines by light and shadow plays of trees

"Trees Down" shows a transformation process from nature to linear graphics in a n abstract experimental photo series. Using the time to walk in nature has a calming and meditative effect and simultaneously can trigger the creativity. But capturing the feeling of silence and natures´ beauty in a photo is easier said than done.

With the background of experimental lightpainting photography, I found a way to reuse the slow shutter settings in daytime photography, which normally is simply burning the entire image. Now if you are surrounded by ordinary tall trees, there is lots of light and shadow play, the sun reflects nicely threw the tree trunks and depending on the trunks length, color and structure, this setting delivers a perfect base for linear graphic abstraction. 

By simply handmoving the camera during longtime-exposure in a vertical angle, the trunks create abstract line-graphics. Like this, the series is capturing purity and silence within its relationship of lights and shadows.

​The panning method was used with longtime-exposure settings of 2-4 seconds, backlit and tall tree trunks with a clear sky in the far distance.