Chris Noelle has come up with a wrinkle that takes the photographic technique of light painting to the next level! He uses the precision and speed of an industrial robot to create “brushstrokes” of light in space.


"When I tumbled upon the robotic installation at Ars Electronica Festival in autumn 2015, I knew I have to get in touch with someone who´s on hold of these machanical toolarms. Chance was on my side when I connected with Johannes Braumann from Robots in Architecture. As he is giving lectures at the Kunstuniversität Linz and aswell the head of their robotic laboratory, the conceptual phase started in the end of 2015.

A couple of weeks later we had the pixelstick mounted on the big KUKA robot in the basement of KU Linz., Just two months later, my mate Gerrald vand der Kolk was ready with the long promised beta software for realtime livecapturing lightpainting, which was only a few days before the exhibition opening of "Creative Robotics" at Ars Electronica Center in Linz. The opening happened at the impressive 8K cinema "Deep Space" with a short personal introduction of myself and a liveperformance with a KUKA KR-16 generating realtime lightpainting on the main cinema-screen. The artpiece was then running daily during the exhibition for more than a month with great success. And those first tests for sure will be continued and enlarged."