Project Name 01

When I started working at the legendary nightclub Tresor in Berlin it was just before its reopening in a new location. The former power plant station called Kraftwerk was waiting there just like an unpolished diamond.​

Within the seven years I had the chance to collaborate with a great team and also found my partners in projection mapping and lighting - and that´s where our mapping and lighting company The Core. came to live.

​​I started with a sponsorship by Carlsberg, reliable for the streetart wall designs. With the integration of our own 360° visual playground at Globus floor and the puristic techno related Tresor floor in the vault, there were already more than 20.000sqm to cope with. 

Over the next years I became responsible for the entire media archive, including graphic design, webdevelopment, corporate identity and visual installations and also had the chance to work on documentaries, international artist collaborations and exchanges, audiovisual workshops and also cover artworks for the inhouse techno label Tresor Records.​

We created our own audiovisual laboratory at Schaltraum, the control center of Kraftwerk and made also a screenprinting laboratory to produce the merchandise for the clubs merch-shop. 

The multi-skill request that came with this job had the positive effect of working not only on the computer, but also designing, painting and constructing new style-elements inside the club.​

The work was an inspirational source with the permanent challenge of time and budgets, but it was great to see the evolution from point zero to where it is today, just like the brands claim says: IT´S NOT OVER.