SDOF 2016

The interactive robotic AV-installation SONIC DEGREES OF FREEDOM was exhibited for the first time atArs Electronica Festival 2016.
We used the KUKA IWAA robot as the centerpiece of this audiovisual installation.
The robots seven axis movements produce varying current-consumption.

The different tensions are transferred to an analogue modular synthesizer to create soundscapes relying on the robots choreography. The robot has a learning function so visitors can record their own choreography. 
In a second step we embedded a speed control on a touch-monitor for each of the seven axis so the recordings get modulated and transform themselves into renewed the original recordings into a permanently evolving movement.

The so produced soundscapes triggered a second computer which we used to generate waveline-visuals in realtime. The wavelines on the mapping installation - which consists of 900 styrofoam cutted cubes, splitted into three main panels in the installation - are live-visuals and give the visitor a direct visible feedback of his collaboration while teaching the IWAA robot new movements.

To put it in a simple phrase - with SONIC DEGREES OF FREEDOM we´ve managed to generate an interactive audiovisual circuit from the digital to the analogue back to the digital world.