Transforming the dull concrete structure of the blind wall in the heart of Bucharest into a huge canvas related to the traditional manners of Romania was my first  intention for the theme. 

I started creating renderings and animations with Romanian textile motifs to be included in the live mapping performance, which was inspired by the anniversary of the Great Union Centenary, the countries main colors blue, yellow red and folk dance elements.

After working out the exact matching prjection o the blind concrete wall the performance turned into an ever changing structure, displaying deep tunnels of light orientating on the seven upscaled block-elements of the  buidlings architecture, pulsating and breathing textile structures in combination with traditional folk dancers in the lower third of the projection and traditional folk dance music underlining the show.

Over 100.000 spectors came by within the four live-nights, danced to the folk music and enjoyed the show with continuous positive feedback. what a great festival.