This is a work in progress casestudy, combining robotics and light to creat realtime generated lightpainting animations. Based on my former robotic projects I started with the R & D of a new lightpainting form with attaching an LED with a KYO liteblade adapter and various acrylic blades on top of a Kuka robot. In this beta round, I have full manual knob-control over the LED regarding brightness, frequency and duration.

The robot itself runs an endless loop of a triangular spiral from big to small size before it starts again from the outer top startingpoint. By this setup I can modulate and interact with the robot in realtime and simultaneously see and stipulate how the lightpainting develops. In this beta stadium, it´s more about understanding the essential settings to create new generative lightart by the combination of robotic precision and the analog control over the lights. So the robot needs a human to become part of the art. During this movment, a Led controller which has 3 knobs to change the parameters of brightness, frequency and length of the led, which is positioned directly under the Kyo adapter, allows me live modification, (just like a DJ putting hands on a mixer).

Now running this setup while watching the process happening in realtime on my laptop with the perfect solution from while capturing it with a Canon 5D MkIV makes it a realtime composed analog-digital lightpainting where I can use the light very intuitive like a real brush. Based on this knowledge you can expect more conceptual robotic lightart to come up in the near future.