The series started with an old motor from a washing machine. The inner block has a bold double ball-bearing axis which i placed on a groundplate to adapt various metal-elements to it. One handswing and the kit started smoothly spinning. By attaching different blades and lamps to the extension arms, the ROTATOR was born from experiments.


The second level was approached by adapting a hand crank to the motor, so by simple arm-movement the motor starts to rotate. This interactive part creates endless new variations of one and the same setup.

On the axis is a customized mounting pipe for various setups like adapting a LED Hullahoop or different torches and blinking blades to be able to transform the lightpainting look.

With the integration of the realtime-generated lightpainitng via the hardware/software solution with my Canon filming everything live, the rotating elements can now be screened on any surface by mapping-projection.


The series shows a variety of options from normal tripod, over pan-tilt tripod moves up to lens pan-zoom, always combining different lightsources to create unique lightpaintings in futuristic tronstyle. 



The interactive robotic AV-installation SONIC DEGREES OF FREEDOM was exhibited @Ars Electronica Festival 2016. We used the KUKA IWAA robot as the centerpiece of this installation. The robots seven axis movements produce varying current-consumption. The different tensions are transferred to an analogue…