A creator whose interdisciplinary talent easily breaks with the common rules of a single jobdescription - his story is quiet outstanding from others and reads itself more like a myth: from a former bike-pro career in the 1990s Christopher Noelle merged all his knowledge into media related art like mapping projection, lightpainting, streetart, motiongraphics, sounddesign, film and photography - today working under the moniker TOFA as artist and within the team of Modulux.
He is a creator, exceptional outrider, visionary and already looks back on a outstanding artistic way of life.
Chris has teached filmediting and crossmedia-design at Universities, showcased his work at TedEx, Ars Electronica and his artwork appeard in magazines like Vogue, Fastcompany Magazine, IdN, Art Magazin, Men´s Health, Page and StreetwearToday and companies such as Diesel, Lacoste, Red Bull, Microsoft, Sony, Carhartt, Carlsberg, Warsteiner and Converse have booked his creative output for exhibitions and campaigns.

With the age of 17 Chris started his professional career as extreme-sports-pro in bike-trials, riding competitions, jumping on rocks and batteling for international trophies. On the peak of this sports-driven-period, he could look back on countless national titles, 5 years in the Top5 Worldranking and finishing all off with the double Team-World-Champion Title, plus a UCI-Bike-Trials Vice-World Champion Solo Title (1995) and a Guinness-Book record in 1996. This led to attractive sponsoring deals with companies like Chrysler and Scott, having an own fashion-line from his shoe-sponsor Vans. So this was the first crosslink to the graphic world of fashion-design, which appeared a couple of years later to be in main focus of his career.

Besides the sports-career, he started his apprenticeship at Jung von Matt in Hamburg in 1996 to deepen his skills in PR- and advertising-strategies and graphic-design. As this was way to boring for his personal creative approach, he decided to jump on the train of studying fashion-design (1998-2002) with a main focus on CAD illustration and graphic print-designs, before moving back to Berlin in 2002 with a diploma in his pocket.

Since then Tofa is working as freelancer on artistic projects and in collaboration with other artists and clients from different branches of the advertising world.

In 2003 Tofa bumped into the world of light-art photography – a longtime-exposure technique that´s using lightsources to virtually leave traces within a picture. With a scholarship in Tokyo in 2007 at Tokyo Wondersite Gallery, he jumped onto another level and today, Tofa is one of the world leading artists of this genre. To feature this individual, on you can find a deeper insight of his photo-portfolio.


By the time he started working at Tresor as Art Director in 2007, he became co-founder of The Core., a team of and lighting-designers and multimedia-experts who work globaly on stage-, interior- and lighting-designs. Tofa is deeply involved in ongoing creative visual solutions for this company:

To resume the multidirectional skills of this artist isn’t that easy but this is what you get if you’re in search of someone with an allover-multimedia expertice: mapping expert, conceptual and creative strategy, specialized in lightpainting, interface design, streaming expertt, graphic illustration, cover-design, 3D animation, music-clips, trailer-animations, audiovisual content production, film, photography, logo-design, corporate-and editorial-design.

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