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It's all about light!

On October the 7th the Welcome Walking Dinner of the 53rd EPCA Annual Meeting, the largest gathering of the petrochemical industry, took place at the Kulturforum in Berlin. As part of The Core. I had the chance to create two worlds related to each other: a lighting design for the outdoor arrival space by Rick Kay with a soundcarpet by me and a mapping projection concept and soundscape for the indoor evening event created by myself. Merging our skills together with German Arts - a perfect matching production company behind us made everything so much nicer and reliable for us, so we could show at a glance what was developed for this event to entertain all its invited guests with some eyecandy:

The client was the agency PCMA and the evening was especially a visual highlight .

While Rick was the major driving force in our team to evaluate an impressive outdoor lighting scene that related to "Europe", symbolized by a dozen light balls that were set in scene with Robe MegaPointe in combination with Speer inspired optics of a chasing and uplifting light-dome for the piazetta, Chris was in charge of the projection content and ambient soundscapes for indoors and outdoors.

The second thing we had as cream on the top for the entrance scene were 14 straight bundled single-lasers in a deep vibrant kongo-blue that were arranged in a row to create a parallel roof of rays above the visually lightened walkway. Once entering the venue, all levels of Kulturforum were wallpapered with large-scale dynamic projections for bringing a new optical appearance to the grand foyer. 
This entire indoor and outdoor combination was creating such a futuristic scenario and forced almost everyone who just arrived to stop and take pictures of it.

In behalf of us, we must give a big THANKS to German Arts who did a great job under the direction of Jürgen Drebert and this together with all the working forces like Geiertronic and Christian Thorun, Lichtwerk Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH and Götz Berge.

During the evening we were able to start the six big fog machines and the beams and for the departure of the guests we created some great visual impressions. Here you can find the entire documentation.



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