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Coming up in 2022 is a brandnew series of audiovisual artworks, illustrations and photos, different series of geometrical minimalistic collections created by TOFA.The first two collections are called "The A series" and "The V series"  - both dedicated to and inspired by the godfathers of Opart: Josef Albers Victor Vasarely. The abstraction of optical illusion, combining glowing multilayered strokes that play with light and darkness, shadows and mesmerizing backgrounds are key points of both series which are kept minimalistic and hypnotizing.Based on the two series, more crossmedial artworks will be launched soon on SERIOUS ART ONLY - the platform for Fine Art NFT.

V SERIES.00_12_29_06.Still007.jpg


"ABC CONVERSION" is an artistic series of 10 NFT pieces.
The collection has a focus on the conversion process from handwritten calligraphy to abstract 3D animation. By vectorizing the ABC typography from the original paper drawing and converting it into 3D, the abstraction process becomes the core element of the analog-digital-analog interaction.

TOFA works on the method from 2D to 3D since 2018 and also transforms the final digital artworks back from 3D stills to analog 2D illustrations, plotted with a penplotter, creating extraordinary fineart illustrations. This conversion-process is a permanent evolving series and is fluently crossing the borders between the real and the digital worlds, interacting viceversa.



"VASARELY RMX" is an artistic photoseries of 20 pieces.

An abstract  photography series with twenty photos of 3D sculptures captured as lightpainting images in long-exposures, created in total darkness.
"The sculptures are based on geometric shapes of a black and white opart painting by Victor Vasarely. Deconstructed formations of the original forms and shapes are building the base of this abstract typography-related 3D art. And even if I shot a scene multiple times, by the individual handmovements of the lightsource, none of the results remains the same. Each sculpture has its own style and the reflecting mirrorfoil adds the deepness to the scene."
The combination of a single LED bulp drawn around the white and shiny polyurethan sculptures left traces, refractions and reflections in the long exposure.



"Morphing ETH" is an audiovisual 3D animated series of 10 pieces created by Christopher Noelle aka TOFA.The series rises the question how an Etherum could look and sound like."In my mind it´s a constantly morphing thing, untouchable and changing its form by light and its being locked in a vault underneath the wallstreet since a very long time. It´s a bit like in the times of pyramids and later returning archeologists who found the hidden treasures by accident, locked behind sealed walls for endless time. And there might still exist unfound pieces and treasure rooms like those from the Morphing ETH series."



"18 X LIGHTPAINTING" is a top-notch series of 18 pieces. This selection of images includes 18 shots from TOFAs past 18 years of being active as a lightpainting artist.

“Since I started lightpainting back in 2003, my photo-journey embraced and involved all kinds of lightpainting techniques - from conceptual to experimental, from macro to portrait to extremesports to largescale projection, from blades to orbs, from spirograph to pixelstick to diy led-plotted lightpaintings, from black and white to color, from static to animated styles and from ABC to XYZ - and this journey has yet not come to an end, as there´s still so much more to explore and discover.

I´ve selected 18 pictures from the past that had a strong impact on my following work and could be seen as some of the milestones. With more than 20.000 lightpainting photos that are stored on my harddrives, you can imagine that it was kind of a challenge to only select 18." 



"LIQUID DROPS" is an audiovisual series of 1minute long mesmerizing visuals.

This new collection of audiovisual 4K animations is coming up with a focus on liquids and deep dub tech soundscapes. Does it float? Is it real? The borders between fiction and reality are becoming one by a fusion of hyperrealism and abstraction. All of these loops are unique artworks.​​

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